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Q: What are the Braves longest losing streaks?
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Which college football teams have the longest current losing streaks in each division?

Longest College Football Losing StreaksAs of Oct. 2013, Southern Miss. has the longest losing streak at 0-18 & It extends back to 2 years ago (Starting in 2012-13 school year). New Mexico has the 2nd.

What is the longest Interlachen Florida football losing streak?

From 1998-2001, Interlachen lost 38 games in a row which put them in the top three all-time for state losing streaks.

What are the 10 longest high school football losing streaks?

Hawthorne High School,CA 49 game losing steak even MTV Made a show about them Called the Streak.

What NHL teams have the longest current sellout streaks?


What are the 5 longest losing streaks in Michigan high school football history?

Can't say I'm 100% sure, but I think it's the Martin clippers with 37 regular season losses.

What is the Atlanta Braves longest winning streak?

In the 2010 season, as of 6/15/2010, it is 9 games in a row! The Braves went on a 15 game Winning Streak back in 2000, when Maddux was, unfortunately, the losing pitcher.

What are the longest current streaks for NBA consecutive sellout games?

portland they have like 800

What are the current longest streaks of winning seasons by a NCAA football team?

Auburn 18

What is the longest losing streak in MB?


What is the longest losing streak in the NBA?

The longest losing streak is 23 games in a row by 95-96 Grizzlies and 97-98 Nuggets.

What are the longest current home winning streaks for NCAA basketball?

Kansas (64 home wins as of 12.02.10)

Who had the longest career in baseball?

Chipper Jones Atlanta. Braves

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