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What is the Distance a longest pass in football has ever been? What is the average college quarterback's pass? Is there an actual record book on this type of question?

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Q: Who has the best distance football throw?
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Does air pressure affect the distance you can throw a football?

yeeaaa boi

Why does a football size affect the throwing distance?

The size changes your grip which changes how you throw, changing your throw.

What is the distance you can throw a football on a standard football field?

Well, many quarterbacks can throw 60 yards, the farthest recorded throw, was 45646 yards by Donald Trump's hair.

Why do quarterbacks spiral a football when they throw a pass?

Quarterbacks like to spiral a football when they throw a pass in order to increase their precision and accuracy. This can also help with distance in some cases.

Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

Does football size affect throwing distance?

It does but not so noticibely, you can throw a football about 1 ounce less than one and barely notice

Can people throw a football farther with or without a glove?

i don't think gloves helps with distance, but accuracy.

What is the posture to throw a football?

You throw a football like you would a baseball.

What is the average throwing distance for a girl throwing a football?

I'm QB of my high school's flag football team and I can throw 30-40 yards

How do girls throw a football?

The same way that males throw an (American?) football.

Can you score from a throw in in football?

No you can not score from a throw in.

Which is easier to throw a baseball or a football?


What is the best unit for measuring the distance a student kicks a football?


How do you throw a football deep?

The same way you throw a football normally, just with more power.

How do you say I like to throw and catch a football?

I say it this way: "I like to throw and catch a football."

How does a glove effect how far you throw a football?

On cold or rainy days, a glove gives the thrower of the football better grip, so the ball won't slip while he is attempting to throw. With less slippage, the ball gains speed and distance.

How far can Tebow throw a football?

Tim Tebow can throw a football between 65 and 70 yards

What muscles are used to throw a football?

you use almost every major muscle in your body to throw a football

What angle is best for getting a football to have the longest flight distance?

45 degrees

How far can you throw a flat football?

it depends on how hard you throw

How can you increase the distance that you can throw a Football?

its easy, you can either throw sidearm, (if you're pretty tall) you can buy a weighted football and practice with it or watch the technique of a great NFL QB such as Peyton manning or tom brady. but the key thing is to practice =]] -UKing8

What distance can a football be thrown with accuracy?

In speaking about American football, the position called quarteback, is the one most often having the responsibility of throwing the football to one of his receiving players. In doing so certainly distance is an important factor but that alone is not sufficient. Accuracy combined with distance can make or break a football play. At the professional football level, a coach can expect the quarterback to be able to throw a football at between 45 to 60 yards with accuracy.

How do you throw the football on popropica American football?

snowman balls

Is a wet football better to throw than a dry football?


What percent of girls can throw a football?

no very many about 30% can throw a football really good. Hope this helped!!(: