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Louis Saha

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Q: Who has played for metz Newcastle and man united?
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Who transferred from Metz to Newcastle to Metz to Fulham to Man Utd to Everton?

That would be Louis Saha.

What clubs did Kevin keegan play for?

He played for Scunthorpe, Liverpool, Hamburg, Southampton, and Newcastle United. He coached Newcastle United , Fulham, and England . and He coached man city too

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The business man Mike Ashley owns Newcastle United's ground, St James Park.

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They bought him from Newcastle United as a free transfer

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Newcastle United have equalised in front of The Gallowgate. No they are not better then Manchester Utd. and newcastel have not got the better players or the way they play is not beter than man utds play.

Who was named 'Man of the Match' when 1D played football with Newcastle?


Who has played for West Ham Man Utd and Newcastle Utd?

Scott Parker

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In terms of recent success (Past 20 years anyway) Manchester united have been far superior than Newcastle

Who was named 'Man of the Match' when one direction played football with Newcastle?

Louis Tomlinson

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