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They bought him from Newcastle United as a free transfer

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โˆ™ 2009-12-21 01:42:39
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Q: Where did man united buy Owen from?
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How many goals has Owen scored for man united in all competitions?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United in all competitions

Witch is Micheal Owen's favourite football team?

man united

How much money did Manchester United buy Michael Owen for?

Manchester United get him free from Newcastle, because he's contract goes out.

Has anyone played with Liverpool and man united?

Paul Ince and Michael Owen in recent years

Is there any football players who have played at all of Liverpool Man United and Arsenal?

micheal owen has played for liverpool and man u

Is there any football player who has played for Liverpool Man United and Arsenal?

Michael Owen has played for both liverpool and currently Manchester united

How many goals Micheal Owen score for man utd?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United since transferring from Newcastle United at the end of the 2008-09 season.*As of December 17th, 2009.

What 6 players have played for two of Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool and Man United?

Michael Owen emmanuel petit

Does Michel Owen play for mancester united?

Yes Michael Owen does play for Manchester United,he joined them from NewCastle united on a free transfer.

How much money did Man Utd buy Michael Owen for?

Michael Owen was bought for free. He contact with Newcastle United endend in the summer.He was a free agent so he was offered to us and we took him but i dont think it has really helped because he has played about 44 games and only scored about 14 goals!

What country does Football player Owen hargreaves come from?

Owen Hargreaves Is a Canadain born English man who spent most of his career in gGermany before signing for Manchester united football club.

What team did Owen first play against for Manchester united in the premier league?

Michael Owen first played for Man Utd against Birmingham City, after coming off the bench for Dimitar Berbatov.

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