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In terms of recent success (Past 20 years anyway) Manchester united have been far superior than Newcastle

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:31:34
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Q: Are Newcastle better than man you?
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Are Newcastle better than man united?

Newcastle United have equalised in front of The Gallowgate. No they are not better then Manchester Utd. and newcastel have not got the better players or the way they play is not beter than man utds play.

Does sunderland have a better football team than Newcastle?

No way! Newcastle have won every single game against Sunderland. And I support Man City not Newcastle or Sunderland!

Are Newcastle United better than Sunderland?

Here Newcastle are clearly better then Sunderland.

Who is better Newcastle or Cambridge football club?

well cambridge 1st are better than newcastle reserves but newcastles 1st team is better than cambridges 1st team

Is Newcastle united better than arsenal?

No way

Is Newcastle better than Sunderland in your opinion?


Are Sunderland better than Newcastle United?


Are Newcastle united better than middlesbrough fc?

certaintly not

What football teams does Newcastle have?

They have my favorite team in English Premier League, Newcastle FC as well as Sunderland. Newcastle and Sunderland are the hugest rivals in the area other than Chelsea man u and man u and arsenal. then Newcastle is rivals with middlesbrough and then acturally rivals with man u!

Who does brad rieblien support?

Newcastle, because there better than middlesboro!

Why did kevin nolan leave Newcastle fc for west ham fc?

West Ham are a better club than Newcastle, for a start.

Who said you are better than no man no man is better than you?

No man is better than cole fraize and that is true.

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