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Anil Kumble has the maximum number of wicket in India-Pakistan test match.It is clear answer.

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Q: Who had taken the maximum number of wicket in India-Pakistan test match?
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Who has taken most number of wicket on debut in a test match?

Aaron likes monkeys

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

What is the only wicket of sunil gavaskar in test match?

Shyamala Kanta

Who is the highest wicket taker in one test match?

Jim laker

Who bowlers took 7 wicket in a match of world cup cricket?

Mcgrath took 7 wickets in a match

What is the 1 st wicket partnership in Indian test cricket?

The highest first-wicket partnership in a Test match for India is 413 runs, achieved by Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy, who put on 413 runs for the first wicket in a Test match against New Zealand in January 1956.

What is the maximum number of red cards you can get in soccer?

One per match.

Who is the only wicket-keeper captain to win the Man of the Match in a World Cup final?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni; the Indian Wicket-Keeper Captain.

Which fast bowler name most wicket in test match?

glenn macgrath

Which bowler takes a large numbers of wicket in a test match?

Muththaiya Muralidaren

Who took the first wicket of the first Test Match and of which batsman?

The 'First Wicket' of the 'First Cricket Test Match' was taken by Allen Hill of England and the victim was the Australian batsman, Nathaniel Thomson; popularily known as Nat Thomson.