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Q: Who got to carry the flame in the ancient Olympics?
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What did the winner get has a reward in the Olympics ancient grecce?

They got a wreath and money

What prize did the winners get in the ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

How did the Olympics got made?

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to their gods.

What happened when ancient Olympics got cancelled?

Other sporting events continued.

What happened when someone got hurt in the ancient Olympics?

Some of the events were dangerous.

What did the athletes wear in the ancient Olympics?

They competed naked. Winners got to wear an olive leaf headdress.

What has Zeus got to do with the 776 bc Olympic games?

because he was one of the ancient gods made that year when the Olympics started

Do people in ancient Greece receive a medal if they win an event in the Olympics?

No, that is a modern invention. They got a wreath of Laural leaves.

What has the lightning bolt got to do with the Olympics?

---- ====== ====== what has the lightning bolt got to do with the olympics?

What was the purpose of the ancient Olympics games?

To determine the most 1337 gr33ks. those who pwned got layed. the rest were put to death.

What do athletes in the ancient Olympics win?

Same as it feels like now just in Ancient Times. You were supported by fans and people were giant fans of the winners. They were role-models and everyone wanted to grow up just like them.

Why do medals get given out in the ancient Olympic games?

In the ancient Olympics, no medals were awarded. The first-place winner was given an olive branch to wear on his head. The second and third place winners got nothing.