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In the ancient Olympics, no medals were awarded. The first-place winner was given an olive branch to wear on his head. The second and third place winners got nothing.

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Q: Why do medals get given out in the ancient Olympic games?
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What medals are given in the Olympic Games?

gold silver and bronze,

Did Alexander the great competed in the olympic games?

No He did not. His Father did and won 3 gold medals. There were no medals at in the ancient Olympics. The winner was given olive oil and a wreath of olive branches

What are the three types of medals given out at the Olympic Games?

Gold, silver and bronze.

What awards were given to athletes at the first olympic games and what awards are given today?

the first olympic "medals" was a branch of olive leafs

What was given to the winners of ancient olympic games?

A head wreath.

What award is given to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games?

A head wreath.

How many medals are given in olympic games?

Summer ( Every medal ever given out)Gold Medals: 4505Silver Medals: 4473Bronze Medals: 4774Total Summer Medals: 13752Winter ( Every medal ever given out)Gold Medals: 860Silver Medals: 860Bronze Medals: 849Total Winter Medals: 2569Total of all medals: 16321

What is true of the ancient olympic games?

The question is incomplete. There are no options given (for "which of the following") to answer this question.

What is true of ancient Olympic games?

The question is incomplete. There are no options given (for "which of the following") to answer this question.

When are Olympic medals given out?

Olympic medals are awarded in a ceremony following the completion of each event, immediately following the certification of the results by the judges.

How are the Olympics of today different from the ancient Olympics?

First no one is nude. All were nude in the first Olympic Games. Next, it was only Greece and not the world. Third, it was only track games, and the award was laurel leaves crown not the the medals given today.

Where did the wreath come from?

The wreath dates back at least to ancient Greece. It was associated with Apollo, the Greek god of health and life. One of its first recorded uses was 2,500-2,600 years ago, at the Pythian games. The Pythian games were the ancient model to the modern-day Olympic games. But winners weren't given medals. Instead, they were given laurel wreaths, as symbolic crowns of victory.

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