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The Italian sstriker Fransesco Totti got sent of in the world cup 2002.

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Q: Who got sent off at world cup 2002?
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Who got sent off at world cup 1970?

No players were sent off in the 1970 world cup tournament

Who got the 2000 FIFA cup?

There was no world cup in 2000, it was held in 2002.

What is the closest turkey has got to win the world cup?

Turkey in the 2002 won the bronze medal in the world cup.

I liked it when you got Rooney sent off in the world cup?

he got sent off because Portugal were hard so he pushed this personanswerhe really got sent off because he knocked c.ronaldo

Which player got sent of in the 2006 world cup final?

In the 2006 world cup final both Zinadine Zidane and Marco Materazzi were shown the red card.

Zinedine zidane the footballer that got sent off in 2006?

Zinedine Zidane got sent of in the 2oo6 world cup final match with Italy for head butting Marco Materrazzi.

How far did England get in the 2002 world cup?

They got to the quarter finals, they lost to Brazil 2-1.

What is the furthest Spain have got in the World Cup?

the furthest Spain have got in any world cup is the finals + they won the world cup.

Who got man of the series in 2011 world cup?

Yuvraj SIngh got the man of the series in 2011 world cup.

How likely is England to win the world cup?

well it depends they didn't play great in 2010 world cup they got knocked out from the knock out stages and in 2006 they got to quarter finals and in 2002 they got to the semi finals so they seem to be getting worse!! but then again who knows what will happen in 2014.

Who was the first got out on duck in cricket world cup?

Harilal Shah was first one to got out on duck in cricket world cup.

What world cup game was David Beckham red carded in1998?

It was in 2002 world cup, he got the red card for kicking Simone of Argentina , Simone had dropped him down. the referee was the danish referee Neilson.

Who got first World Cup in cricket?

west indies win the first world cup in cricket

How much for a World Cup ball?

My brother got his world cup ball at Sport Check for 30$.

What award did Messi get at 2014 world cup?

He got the Golden Ball. He was the best player at the World Cup.

Who got Australia out of the the2010 world cup?

The referees made blunders like the last world cup , and Sepp Blatter had to apologize to Australia. The referee were sent packing home.It was the two red cards for Tim cahil and Harry kewell that knocked them out.

What is the furthest Ireland have got in the world cup?


Have japan ever got to the final of the world cup?


What world cup team has not got a coastline?


Did Australia got any soccer world cup?


Who got the first hattrick in world cup cricket?

Jalal-ud-Din from pakistan got 1st hattrick in world cup on 20 september 1982

Which team won the FIFA World Cup in 1944?

in 1944 the world cup got canceled due to the World War II

How far have japan ever got in the world cup?

Final 16 in the WC Japan-Korea 2002. Lost to Turkey in the 1st rounds of the knockout stage.

What is the furthest Ireland got in the FIFA World Cup?

They got to the quarter finals in 1990.

How far has Ghana got in the World Cup?

Ghana reached the 2nd round of World Cup 2006 when they were defeated by Brazil.