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The referees made blunders like the last world cup , and Sepp Blatter had to apologize to Australia. The referee were sent packing home.It was the two red cards for Tim cahil and Harry kewell that knocked them out.

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Q: Who got Australia out of the the2010 world cup?
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How many times did Australia got cricket t20 world cup?

Autralia has never won t20 world cup.

How many cricket worldcup did Australia got?

Australia has won four world cup's yet starting from 1987 and the three consecutive world cup title's in 1999,2003 and 2007.

Who got highest wicket in ICC 1975 world cup cricket?

Gary Gilmour of Australia got the highest, 11 wickets in 2 matches in Cricket World Cup, 1975

Who did Australia play in their final group match of the 2006 World Cup?

It was Italy, where they Italy cheated and got a penalty to knock Australia out.

Who got the man of the match award in 1999 world cup final?

Shane Warne (Australia) was the man of the match in 1999 Cricket World Cup final.

Who got 7 wickets in a innings in cricket world cup?

Winston Davis of West Indies, Andy Bichel of Australia and Glen McGrath of Australia have taken 7 wickets in an innings of cricket world cup.

What is the furthest Spain have got in the World Cup?

the furthest Spain have got in any world cup is the finals + they won the world cup.

How many times have Australia got to the finals?

world cup finals 3 times 1974, 2006, 2010

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Tim Southee got 7 wickets in an innings.He has done this against Australia.

How many Cricketers got 7wickets in cricket world cup?

Only one cricketer.McGrath from australia took 7 wickets in an inning

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