What world cup year was beckham sent off?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It was in 2002 world cup, he got the red card for kicking Simone of Argentina , Simone had dropped him down. the referee was the danish referee Neilson.

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Beckham was sent off in the year of 1998.

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Q: What world cup year was beckham sent off?
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Who is the youngest player to get sent off in world cup finals?

Beckham (I think)

Where did david beckham break in 2002 world cup?

He was sent of in the world cup game verses Argentina. It was for kicking Simone from the ground, he brought him down, the referee Nielson showed Beckham the red card.

Why was Beckam unpopular in 1998?

1998 was not a good year for David Beckham. During the World Cup quarter finals, England vs Argentina, Beckham was red carded for kicking Argentinian player Diego Simeon. When he was sent off for the game, England was finished and was out of the FIFA World Cup Tournament. Beckham has widely been blamed for England's failure to win because of this.

Why was david beckham disgraced at one world cup?

David Beckham was disgraced at a world cup in 1998 because he was sent off, causing England to lose to Argentina on penalties. However, he redeemed himself just before the 2002 world cup when a great free kick against Greece saw England qualify for the world cup.

Was david beckham playing in fifa world cup Brazil?

David Beckham did not play in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

What was David Beckham squad cup in world cup 1998?

David Beckham wore the jersey number 7.

Why was David Beckham sent off against Argentina in the 1998 world cup?

The Danish referee Mr Denilson showed David Beckham a red card for kicking Simone from the groundm as he had brought him down.

When was David Beckham first goal with England?

Beckham made his international debut against Moldova in a World Cup qualifier as a 21-year-old in 1996.

What year and Who was the first player in a world cup to receive a red card?

Carlos Caszely of Chile was the first player to be sent off with a red card in a World Cup match. He was sent off in 1974 fifa world cup.

What has ruled Dived Beckham out of the world cup?

achhilees atendon

Will David Beckham play in the 2010 world cup?

no are you crazy?

What team does david beckham play for in the FIFA World Cup?

In the 2010 Fifa world cup, he plays for nobody!