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White always goes first.

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Q: Who goes first after winning chess game?
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How do you chose who goes first in chess?

WHite goes first. who is white? flip a coin, rock-paper-scissors, betting on a game of chess

Who goes first in chess?

White goes first

Which color goes first in chess?

White moves first in chess.

In chess who goes first black or white?

the white goes first.

What do they call the start of a chess game?

The "opening moves" begin a chess game. The first opening move goes to the player of the white pieces, followed by a defensive move by the player of the black pieces.

What color piece does the winner of a chess match get for the next game if he wins?

white, since it always goes first

What will happen when king goes to opponent's kings place in chess?

The occupation of the space upon which your opponent's king first occupied at the start of the game does not alter the game .

In chess what color goes first?

In the rules, white is supposed to go first.

Who starts in game of chess the black or white player?

chess is a board gameit has total 64 squares32 squares for both white and blackthe pieces r the elephant,horse,minister,king and the queenin the game the white starts firstchess is played by 2 people [for those who don't know]chess was created in INDIAAnswerThe player who has the white pieces goes first.

How much money does a college receive for winning a BCS game?

None!!! It goes to the conference.

What is the difference between white and black squares in chess?

The difference is... so you can tell apart weather that is your piece or not! Also the white piece always goes first unless you modify the game.

When playing a game who goes first youngest or oldest?

it depends what game your playing, on most games you have to roll dice to see who goes first, but on to the question , its the youngest who usually goes first!!

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