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Footballer because the sport is more famous.

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Q: Who gets paided more footballer or cricketer?
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Who get more money footballer or cricketer?

Footballers are paid huge sums weekly.

Which get paided more football players or soccer players?

it depends on how good the player is.

Why a cricketer need more carbohydrates in his diet?

a cricketer needs more carbohydrates because they do a lot of physical work

What is a job that gets you a lot of money?

you could be a footballer or singer or lawyer because you get the most money more than police, fireman and doctors !

Who gets paid more footballers or golfers?

It depends how good they are. Consider Tiger Woods in 2008 was paid $110 million and if you think a top English footballer would probably be on around $15 million or so a year. If a golfer is playing well there is a lot of money to be made, generally a successful golfer would make more than a footballer. However a footballer will be on a fixed wage, whereas the golfer only gets what he earns.

Who should get more respect soldier or cricketer?

A soldier. A cricketer is a sports person, a soldier risks his life.

Who gets paid more actor or footballer?

It depends on how famous the actor is or how good the footballer is, but generally premier league footballers (eg rooney, lampard and gerrard) will make more than an actor (excluding big names such as tom hanks, tom cruise or johhny depp).

Who is better teacher or doctor?

in my point of view doctors are better ,why because teachers can teches the lessons what can dpo? ,how we can operate?,how we can face the situvation?. but ,in case doctotrs can deal with patients,they can gudied others.

Who deserve more a cricketer or filmstar?

It is a matter of personal opinion.

How makes more money a singer or football player?

an average football player gets £30, 000 a week. an average singer/artist gets about £1/2Million every album, and that gets released about once in two years, so overall a footballer earns way more money than a singer/artist.

Is cricketer scored less runs in more balls?

Sunil Gavaskar

What cricketer played more world cup matches?

Sachin tendulker

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