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Sachin tendulker

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Q: What cricketer played more world cup matches?
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How many wickets has malinga in all matches?

Malinga is a sri Lankan cricketer. He is a fast bowler. He got more than 200 wickets in odi matches.

Who scored the most runs in the world cup matches?

Sachin Tendulkar made more runs in the world cup matches

Which of these has Sachin Tendulkar played more tests or ODIs?

He played for total of 664 matches. He played odis more than tests.

Who is a veteran cricketer in this world other than sachin?

why not every cricketer who has more experience is a veteran there are so many cricketers like sir Donald bradman and vivian Richard but according to me kapil is the most successful cricketer in this world

Who has taken the more wickets in total world cup matches?

Glenn McGrath,he took 71 wickets in total world cup matches

Which players have played more than 400 premiership matches?

Gary speed

Why a cricketer need more carbohydrates in his diet?

a cricketer needs more carbohydrates because they do a lot of physical work

How many matches will be played in world cup 2010?

There are 8 groups of 4 teams each, for a total of 32 teams. Every team will play every team in their group once resulting in 6 matches per group. 8 * 6 = 48 total matches in group play The two highest point earners in each group advance, for a total of 16 teams advancing. Each time a match is played, one of the 16 is eliminated, so 15 more matches must be played to determine a winner. 48 matches in group play + 15 matches in elimination = 63 matches total

How many tests matches did Shane warne play?

he has played 145 test matches and 194 ODI'S to know more about other cricketers, go to

Who has scored more hundreds for England in cricket world cup matches?

Micheal Vaughen

Which cricketer scored more ducks in world cup?

Sanath jayasooriya is a great player.He got the most ducks.

Who should get more respect soldier or cricketer?

A soldier. A cricketer is a sports person, a soldier risks his life.

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