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Footballers are paid huge sums weekly.

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Q: Who get more money footballer or cricketer?
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Who gets paided more footballer or cricketer?

Footballer because the sport is more famous.

Who makes more money football or basketball players?


Is Messi a cricketer?

No, he is a footballer(striker) and plays for Barcelona(Club) and Argentina(Country)

Is Lachlan O'Connell the best cricketer and footballer in the state at the moment?

yes he is a superstar

Which Indian cricketer's son is named after Sunil Gavaskar and footballer Inder Singh?

Maninder singh

What Made Ronaldo Be A Footballer?

the money

What were the sports heros in the 1950s?

These are the ones that I know. Alberto Ascari (Italian racing driver) Roger Bannister (English track and field athlete) Yogi Berra (American baseball player) Maureen Connolly (American tennis player) Colin Cowdrey (English cricketer) Alfredo Di Stéfano (Argentinian footballer) Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentinian racing driver) Tom Finney (English footballer) Garrincha (Brazilian footballer) Neil Harvey (Australian cricketer) Sepp Herberger (German football manager) Gordie Howe (Canadian ice hockey player) Len Hutton (England cricketer) Mickey Mantle (American baseball player) Rocky Marciano (American boxer) Stanley Matthews (English footballer) Willie Mays (American baseball player) Pelé (Brazilian footballer) Ferenc Puskás (Hungarian footballer) Helmut Rahn (German footballer) Real Madrid (Hegemony over European soccer) Maurice Richard (Canadian ice hockey player) Jackie Robinson (American baseball player) Sugar Ray Robinson (American boxer) Bill Russell (American basketball player) Gary Sobers (West Indies cricketer) Brian Statham (England cricketer) Eduard Streltsov (Russian footballer) Frank Tyson (England cricketer) Frank Worrell (West Indies cricketer) Billy Wright (English footballer) Lev Yashin (Russian footballer) Emil Zátopek (Czech runner)

Who is speighty?

speighty is a excelent footballer and cricketer and he lives in airedale he goes to airedale high school. his cricket team is glasshoughton

What is a job that gets you a lot of money?

you could be a footballer or singer or lawyer because you get the most money more than police, fireman and doctors !

Why a cricketer need more carbohydrates in his diet?

a cricketer needs more carbohydrates because they do a lot of physical work

How much money do a footballer gets?

they get 100.000

How much money will a footballer earn?


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