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if the ball goes out of bounds then the team that threw it out of bounds doesnt get it

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Q: Who get possession of the ball after a loose ball in basketball?
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In basketball a loose ball is best defined as?

It is still considered to be in play, but not in possession.

What is a loose ball in basketball play?

When a defending player attempts a steal or a block and bats it away from the offending player, causing the ball to be out of possession, or 'loose'. Its pretty much when no player is holding the ball, but it is still in play.

Who has first possession of the ball in a basketball game?

The first possession in a basketball game is determine by a tip off. In the tip off the center will "tip" the ball to one of his teammates in order to gain the first possession

What is the basketball team that dose not have possession of the ball called?

The defence.

What happens when the defender gets the ball in basketball?

It is now their possession.

What is a term used when the team is not in possession of the ball in basketball?


What is a loss of possession in basketball?

When the ball goes to the other team.

What is a turnover in basketball?

== == A turnover in basketball is when the opposing team gains possession of the ball from the team originally in possession of the ball. This can be done by a pass being intercepted, a pass being stolen, or an offensive foul.

Can you call time out in basketball when the ball is loose?


What is a rebound in basketball?

regaining possession of the ball following a missed shot

What is offence in basketball?

A team is on offense when they have possession of the ball.

What is a loose ball foul?

A loose ball foul in the NBA (European rules may differ) is committed when NO player from either team has possession of the ball. It is NOT a foul committed on a player who does not have possession of the ball so long as some other player has possession. A loose ball foul is committed ONLY when NO player from either team has possession, which is evident from the name, "Loose ball." The concept is important because an offensive foul has different repercussions than a defensive foul, but a "loose ball foul" is neither a defensive or an offensive foul. If any other player other than the one fouled has the ball then the foul is either defensive or offensive.