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Professional riders arranged in teams.

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Q: Who competes in de tour le France race?
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Is Tour de France a person or a bike race?

The Tour de France is the most famous bike race in the world.

How many teams are in the le tour de france running race?

The most well known Tour de France is a bicycle race, not a running race.

What racing car races in the tour de France?

None. The Tour de France is a bicycle race, not a car race.

What type of sport competes in the Tour de France?

It is the sport of cycling.

Are there any independant riders in the 2008 tour de france?

No. You have to be a part of a team to be allowed to race in the Tour de France

Why is the Tour France named?

The Tour de France, the cycling race, just means tour of France, tour meaning race in this instance. So called because it goes around France.

What is the main race in France?

Tour de France

The tour de france is the boat race?

No. Tour de France is a multi-stage bicycle race stretching over several days.

In which famous race is the slowest man of the day given a red lantern?

Tour de France Tour de France

Tour de France winners from first race?

See attached link from the official Tour de France website.

Tour de France is what type of raceAnswer with one word ONLY?

tour de France is a road bicycle race

What is the Tour de France associated with?

The Tour de France is possibly the most famous bicycle race held in the world.

Why is it called the Tour de France?

Le tour de France basically means "the tour of France". It's a long race that does cover a considerable part of France.

Has a woman ever won the Tour de France?

For a woman to win the Tour, they would have to race the Tour. Currently, men ride the Tour de France and women ride the Tour de France Feminin, which is a cycling grand tour for women.

What famous bicycle race is every summer all over France?

The Tour de France, possibly the world's premier bike race.

What races are in France?

Le tour de France. (bicycle race.)

What part of france is the worlds best cycling race?

Tour de France

When was the first Tour de France race?

The first Tour de France took place in 1903. It was not held during the World Wars, and the Tour 2014 is the 101st of the race since the beginning. The first Tour was won by Maurice Garin.

Who won the 1922 Tour de France?

The race was won by the Belgian cyclist Firmin Lambot. It was the second time Lambot had won the overall Tour de France title; he had also won the 1919 Tour de France.

What has the author Jeff Connor written?

Jeff Connor has written: 'Wide-eyed and legless' -- subject(s): Tour de France (Bicycle race), Wielersport, Erlebnisbericht, Bicycle racing, Tour de France 'Wide-eyed and legless' -- subject(s): Tour de France (Bicycle race), Wielersport, Erlebnisbericht, Bicycle racing, Tour de France

Which group is responsible for organizing the Tour de France?

The "société du Tour de France", a subsidiary of "ASO - Amaury Sports Organisation", is organising cycling events in France including the essential race of the Tour de France.

What is a famous french cycling race?

Tour de france

Where does the Tour de France bicycle race end?


Is the tour de france a famous race?

Yes, very.

Where does the tour de France race always end?