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The most well known Tour de France is a bicycle race, not a running race.

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Q: How many teams are in the le tour de france running race?
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Who does the Iditarod race?

dogsled teams of 16 start out running in the race

How many teams represent France in the Tour De France?

TdF isn't a race between nations, it's a race between teams of professional riders. These teams will usually have members of several different nationalities.While a team may be based in France, and even have majority of French riders, it's still not a team officially representing France.

How many people ran Tour de France?

No one has run the TdF. It's a bicycle race, not a running race. There are about 180-200 competitors.

How many teams are in amazing race 13?

11 teams, as usual...

Who competes in de tour le France race?

Professional riders arranged in teams.

How many teams are registered for 2011 iditarod race?

I believe that there are 62 teams.

How many teams are registered in this years Iditarod race?

There are currently 67 teams running in the 2009 Iditarod. Check the Anchorage Daily News website ( for the full listing of team names and standings.

How many teams are registered for the 2013 iditarod race?


How many teams compete in The Amazing Race?

The usual amount of teams in 11 or 12.

Why is the tour de france a bike race?

Because it was made that way. It's too long to be a running race, and too expensive to turn into a car race.

How many dog teams are entered in the iditarod race?


Which countries enter the tour de France?

TdF isn't a race between nations, it's a race between teams, usually composed of internationally recruited riders.

How many Nascar Sprint Cup race teams can an owner have?

A Nascar Sprint Cup team owner can have up to a maximum of four race teams.

How many dog teams are entered in the jr iditarod race?


How are the teams chosen in le tour de France?

Tour the France is big business, much like NHL or NBA. Someone with (access to) plenty of money decides that running a cycling team would be nice, so he starts to recruit good riders, either from other teams or from talented amateurs spotted at less known races. When he has a team he contacts the race organizers, pay them a starting fee and then he and his team are in.

How many miles is a 10 kilometer running race?

A 10 km race is equal to about 6.213 miles.

How many Nascar Sprint Cup teams are there?

In a given year there can be 65+ teams, though not all of them are "full-time" teams (they only race partial season races)

How many cyclists started and finished tour de France in 2008?

Twenty teams with nine riders started the Tour De France race in 2008, I'm pretty sure. But I'm not sure of the exact number of who finished the race that year, but i know that few were injured and some dropped out. So not all riders who started were able to finish the race. Hope that helped you:)

When was The Amazing Race France created?

The Amazing Race France was created in 2012.

After running 3.4km of a 10km race Patrice stumbled and fell and had to quit the race. How many meters did Patrice have left to run when she stopped the race?

none as she quit the race......................

What happens to your breathing rate after a running race?

your breathing rate increases after a running race

How many teams are in the men's Olympic swimming relay race?

There are 8 relay teams per a heat. There are 4 people in each relay.

What is France cycling race?

The most famous bicycle race in France is probably the Tour de France. A stage race lasting Three weeks.

How many countries race in the tour de France?

TdF isn't raced on a nationality basis, it's raced by professional teams. Each team only represent itself, and can have riders from several different countries.

How many drivers race?

In a Formula 1 racing year there are usually 8 - 10 teams each with 2 drivers racing for every race. That makes around 16 - 20 drivers in each race The 2009 season has a total of 10 teams and 20 drivers competing in each race. This number may vary each season as teams may leave the F1 group or new teams may join the group.

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