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It is the sport of cycling.

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Q: What type of sport competes in the Tour de France?
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What type of sport the tour de frence?


Tour de France is what type of raceAnswer with one word ONLY?

tour de France is a road bicycle race

What type of vehicle is raced in the tour de France?


What type of vehicle raced in the tour de France?

Road bicycles.

What is a good job description for a footballer?

A football player is a person who competes in a contact sport on all different type of levels either local or international.

What type of vehicle races in the tour de France?

Road (race) bicycles.

What are the rules for The tour de France?

The rules for the Tour de France are simple. But if you are a racer you have to follow every rule. The rules are there for the safety and the protection of the racers. I suggest for an answer better than mine go to and type in..................... Rules for the Tour de France.

What type of sports are played in France?

Football, Rugby, Cycling, Motor Sport, Tennis

What type of bicycle did eddy merckx ride in the 1969 tour de France?

A race road bike

What type of land does France have?

France is mostly plains, with 11 different rivers, plenty of mountain ranges, and lots of tourist sites. You will definitely want to "tour the France" or so to speak.

What type of race is Tour de France?

Cycling----International Professional Road Cycling Race.A Cycling race.

How many hours are in each leg of the tour de France?

There is no set distance to each leg, or "stage", of the Tour de France. The length of each stage differs due to the type of terrain (mountains, flatlands), race type (time trial, mass start) and other factors.

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