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not me ^_^

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Q: Who broke their face in basketball?
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What is the nature of basketball game?

The nature of a basketball is the wind and you :) your face!

What is the percentage of basketball players broke after retirement?


What sport does Akon like to play?

basketball, When he was little he wanted to be a basketball player but he broke his knee.

What is up with yo mamas face?

It broke when it saw your ugly face.

Did you break your nose?

Yes, in 5th grade gym class, I took a basketball to the face and broke my nose. It wasn't a very bad break, but I still have a little bump from when it healed.

Does the player face their basketball hoop when jumping for the ball?

yes when jumping for a basketball the team player jumping faces their basketball hoop..

Who broke most basketball hoops in nba history?

Shaq broke the most hoops.He broke one hole hoop and 2 others in a game.He also broke one in practice.That is a total of 4 hoops

Did lebron James ever break a bone?

he broke his wrist in an aau basketball game

What joints are used for basketball?

your face is used to deflect the ball

Piano key the string broke and whipped her in the face?

I just loled.

Greatest upset in a basketball game?

there has been many fights but i think when shaq broke the backboard

Was Eminem hurt?

yes, curtis (50 cent) Jackson broke his leg playing basketball

Is face guarding legal in basketball?

no its not as long as there is not any illegal contact

What percent of Americans watch or play basketball?

Watching basketball involves your eyes and a tv playing reqires a face and your mo

Are there any other uses for a basketball other than playing basketball?

yep. hitting somebody in the face with it, or traveling, or shooting.

Can you give me a sentence with IMPACT in it?

The baseball collided with his face with such an impact, that it broke his nose.

Does Chris Brown like sports?

He plays basketball and he was on the basketball team before he moved and got famous. And he used to play football to but he stopped cause he broke his wrist.

What are the basketball disadvantages?

injuries to the face, hand, legs, ankle, shoulder, and feet.

Is this sentence right 'At the basketball match one of the players broker their ankle'?

No the word "broker" does not mean to fracture as in a bone. The word should be "broke" as in "one of the players broke their ankle."

How did Kobe Bryant break his finger?

He broke it while punching his ex girlfriend if the face....

Did Bella enjoy kissing Jacob?

No she did not in fact she punched him in the face and broke her hand in th process.

Where did Bella punch Jacob and What part of the body did she break?

She punched Jacob in the face, and broke her hand.

What struggles did Kareem Abdul Jabbar have to face?

he broke his arm and had to stay otut for six months

How much money can you get if you sue for getting hit in the face and getting your jaw broke?

usually about 200$

How do you use tooth in a sentence?

Example sentence - She broke her front tooth when she hit the pavement with her face.