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yes when jumping for a Basketball the team player jumping faces their basketball hoop..

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Q: Does the player face their basketball hoop when jumping for the ball?
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What joints are used for basketball?

your face is used to deflect the ball

What is a tip in in basketball?

The tip in basketball is when the centers (positions, usually the tallest on the team) face off at the beginning of the game. They each try and tip the ball back to their own team and the team that recovers the ball after the tip gains possession of the ball

How does the stance of a basketball player affect the basketball shot?

It can affect the shot's accuracy. If you are unbalanced, your shot will most likely not be straight, unless you anticipate the shot. You have the most control over the ball in your shooting stance. I prefer to face the basket with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

What happens if a basketball player swears at the referee whilst walking to the bench?

The referee has the right to smack that player in the face

How was basketball played at the time that it started?

i think the used to stick baskets to a high surface and then get a a ball that bouces and face each other

Why do softball helmets have a cage?

softball helmets have a face guard to keep the player from getting in the face or mouth area by a wild ball.

Does a pro football player have to pay for the ball he tosses in the crowd?

All football players throwing the ball into the stands has to pay for the ball and potential face a fine for delay of game.

What are games to play with a basketball?

you can throw it at your friends face or deflate it. If you want, you can even throw it at a hoop (but who would want to do that?!) the best game you can play is whupa ball

What is jumping off buildings called?

face diving

What did Charles barkley face?


What is a forehand in tennis?

A strike of the ball on the side of the preferred hand. The palm of the hand tends to face the ball. E.g. a right handed player would hit the ball from the right.

How do you do a bicycle kick in fifa12?

Face opposite to the goal post and start juggling the ball using LT + RB then push the left stick downwards, ball will get a nice flight and when the ball comes down to the level of player's face push the shoot button. Whoaa! That should do the trick.

In basketball can a defensive player wave his hand in the face of an offensive player?

Ofcourse but be careful not to slap the face or hit it hard my opinion dont touch it at all cause your offensive opponent might fake into looking like you hit him which will result into a foul

Health and safety for netball?

Player in defence must stand 4 feet away from the player with the ball. This stops an injury like a ball to the face or a player hitting you whilst getting the ball. Hope this answer is better than 'Use your brains' Odd how a fourteen year old has wrote over a potential adult.

What is the nature of basketball game?

The nature of a basketball is the wind and you :) your face!

What famous basketball player always rubbed his face before making a free shot?

Karl Malone Jeff Hornacek

What is the cheat code jumping cars in gta vc?

Slap Sadie on the face and kiss her and then punch her. Then try jumping.

Who broke their face in basketball?

not me ^_^

What is it called when a player hits the ball with the front of the racket?

There are two sides to the stringing pattern within the head of a tennis racket. The side of the stringing pattern which is used to strike the tennis ball is called the racket face. An easy way to remember this is to think of the racket "face" as having eyes. Eyes are a normal part of a face. The eyes of the racket face must see the approaching tennis ball, just prior to string-to-ball contact. I always use a black permanent marker pen to draw a face with eyes, nose, and a mouth on my teaching tennis racket.

Why is the weight of football not more than the specified weight?

the weight of the football is not more than the approved weight because the player will face problem to kick the ball as the ball becomes very heavy

What does a blocker do in volleyball?

A blocker blocks all intended hits of the opposite team. when your playing front row, you are a blocker / hitter as well. blocking isn't as easy as it looks though. you have to have jumping skills and also you get the ball smacked in you face alot!

How many jumping rats are left?

Hmmm....... Let me think. YOUR FACE!

What should you do if a soccer ball is coming directly at your face?

There are three options when a soccer ball is coming directly at your face. You can use your head to try to play the ball to a teammate, you can duck or bob out of the way, or you can let it hit your face.

What helmet should you have for dirt jumping?

a full face helmet , (example) dirtnbiking helmet. but lighter.

When playing goal defence in netball should I face the goal attack and mark that way or face the GA's team and backwards mark?

You should be side on. Half facing the ball while keeping an eye on the player you are marking