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Q: Who broke the color barrier in baseball when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers?
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Who was the first black baseball player in the national baseball league?

Jackie Robinson who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

What was the name of Jackie Robinson before he joined the Brooklyn dodgers?

his name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson

What year did Jackie Robison break the color barrier by becoming the first black Major League Baseball player?

Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, making him the first black major leaguer of the modern era. Moses Fleetwood Walker is credited with being the first black professional ballplayer.

How was baseball after Jackie Robinson joined?

When Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers, many people were upset, others liked it.

When was the dodger organization established?

The current Dodgers organization began play as a major league team in 1884 in the American Association as the Brooklyn Atlantics. When the American Association folded in 1890, they joined the National League as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

What was the origanial name of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Depends how far back you wanna go. In Minor League competition, they were originally the Brooks, the Atlantics and the Bridgegooms. They became a Major League Baseball team and joined the National League in 1890, and then they were known as the Superbas and later the Robins before they officially became the Dodgers. They were the Brooklyn Dodgers before moving to Los Angeles, becoming the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 1958 season.

In 1947 who became the first African American to break the color line in major league baseball?

How many times must this question be answered. Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the modern era to play Major League Baseball when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers to start the 1947 season.

Was the major leagues only for white people?

Yes, until Branch Rickey found Jacky Robinson. He started playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. Actually, Robinson played the 1946 season with the Dodgers' Montreal farm club in the AAA International League. He joined the Dodgers for the 1947 season.

A white baseball player of 1947?

All Major League baseball players in1947 were white with the exception of Jackie Robinson and Dan Bankhead of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Hank Thompson and Willard Brown of the St. Louis Browns and Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians. All of those players joined their teams during the season. Only Robinson started the season with the Dodgers as the only Black player in the Majors.

What was the first year of the Brooklyn dodgers?

A professional minor league team played its first season in Brooklyn in 1883. This same team joined the National League in 1890. By 1895 one of their unofficial nicknames was the "Trolley Dodgers," a somewhat perjorative term for residents of Brooklyn. Other nicknames were used over the years, including Robins, Superbas, Grays, and Bridegrooms. By 1932, the team had OFFICIALLY adopted the name of "Dodgers." So take your pick: 1883, 1890, 1895, or 1932.

How long did Jackie Robinson play for Kansas City year dates?

Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs for one season, 1945, then was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946 and was assigned to the Dodgers' AAA farm club at Montreal. He joined the Dodgers to start the 1947 season and spent his entire Major League career, 10 years, with the Dodgers.

Who was the first african american to play baseball in the american League of major league baseball?

Hank Thompson and Willard Brown joined the American League St. Louis Browns shortly after Robinson opened the 1947 season with the Dodgers. Then Larry Doby joined the Cleveland Indians during the season and late in the season Dan Bankhead joined Robinson with the Dodgers. These were the only African American players in the Major Leagues in 1947.

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