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professional sports

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Q: Is college or professional sports more watched?
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Are pro or college sports watched more?

College sports are typically more watched than pro sports. This is because there are a lot of college sports fans.

What is more watched professional football or college football?

professional football by a mile

What are the ten most watched professional sports?


What is more watched college basketball or football?

College football is more watched. Football is the most famous sport in the US and is the most watched by far.

Why do you have sports in college?

They have sports in college to partly have more fun in college but to give entertainment in college

What professional sport has more games watched?

Professional Bicycling is the most watched sport in the world based on the number of people who watch it but I am unsure how many "games" or races occur within each year.

What are some Types of sports business?

professional sports player, sports agent, sports physician, manager, scout, and many more.

Which is watched more NCAA basketball or NBA?

Throughout the entire season, the NBA is watched more than the NCAA basketball. However, at certain times, this statistic changes. For instance, during March Madness, college basketball is easily more watched. During the NBA playoffs, the NBA basketball is more watched. However, throughout the entire season, the NBA is more watched.

How has sports changed since 1963?

Many sports have now become professional, lots of top sportspeople now endorse sports products through high paying sponsorship deals. But now that sports are more professional it means that they have become more elitist and means that it puts more strain on the bodies of sportspeople

Is Fox College Sports the same as Fox Sports Network l?

lege sports and more advanced sports are different. For example college sports don't have known teams. Network is showing like cowboys vs. the dolphins.

How does gender impact participation in professional sports?

Gender plays an integral role in any sports. Males have more stamina and power as compared to females, so they can play any professional sports through their stamina and power. Females can play professional sports for a certain time frame with full passion, dedication, energy and power. The female body goes with feminine complexities which is a big constraint for professional sports.

What sports are Kansas known for?

Kansas is known for college basketball and football, but more for college basketball.

Is golf more popular than NASCAR?

NASCAR is one of the most watched sports if not the most so no golf isn't more popular.

Why does MN pay more money for professional sports than pay more for education?

To get them to live in minnesota

What would you get your dad who is organized professional business and likes sports your mom who loves Spanish music and is a teacher and your brother who is in college and sports?

You could get your brother and dad something that is related to their favorite sports team, like a cap with the team logo or a jersey. For your mom, you could get one or more Spanish music CDs.

What percent of the world's population plays professional sports?

more people are plays is cricket

TV how it's changed professional sports?

It has made sports more open and available to the world and without that they would not be as big as they are today worldwide.

What percent of attending college are associated with sports?

guessing around 75% or more

What are odds of kid playing professional sports?

it is about 25% because the adults get more time to train and become more proffesional!

Is it fair that a professional sports player gets more money than an average doctor?


Can professionals compete in the Olympics?

Yes, over the last 20 years or so more and more professional sports have been included, and nowadays all competitors except boxers are professional. Baseball and men's soccer also are not professional

Has there been a player that has played more than 2 sports?

Michael Jordan played both professional basketball in the NBA and professional baseball in the MLB.

Are there any sports management classes in Worcester, MA?

Becker College in Worcester, MA. offers course in sports management. They are a private non-profit college. You can find more information at

Why athletes go professional instead of going to college?

probably because they forsee more money in a professional job instead of going to college and being a "normal" person. This is not always true, there are some great jobs you can have if you go to college as well.

Is Haydock Sports College a better school than St Edmund Arrowsmith?

For the education they are probably equal but the strictness at St Edmund Arrowsmith in comparison with Haydock Sports College is probably more.