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No Professional sports.

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Q: What are nevada's sports teams?
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What is nevadas 3 professional sports?

baseball, boxing and basket ball I think Toby

What are the major sports teams in Wyoming?

Wyoming has no major sports teams.

How many teams are in Colorado?

There are 13 Colorado sports teams and 8 college Colorado sports teams

Are there famous sports teams in Wyoming?

There are no Professional Sports teams in Wyoming, however there are some famous sports teams including the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

What is a group of sports teams called?

A group of sports teams is called a league.

What is the name of Yale's sports teams?

The sports teams from Yale University are called Yale Bulldogs.

In what state are the sports teams named after a fruit?

There are no sports teams, at least professional, that are named after fruits.

Are there any professional sports teams from Virginia?

No, there aren't any professional sports teams in Virginia.

What is the nickname of the sports teams of Temple University?

At Temple University the sports teams are called the Owls.

Where does team sports?

are you asking what sports have teams

What are alaskas sports team?

They have no sports teams

What sports have teams and what sports do not have teams?

tennis,table tennis,soccer,swimming,netball and so on are have teams and you could do these in by your self

What are Michigan sport teams?

Sports teams from Michigan

Does Harvard have sports teams?

Harvard has several sports teams such as water polo and football. Other sports are golfing, field hockey, and basketball.

Does wilmington have any sports teams?

Wilmington Sharks and Wilmington Hammerheads are examples of sports teams in Wilmington.

Sports teams in Mississippi?

There are sport teams in mississippi There are in teams everywhere! You have to know!

Should sports teams be chosen on quota or merit?

Sports teams should, and usually are, chosen by merit. The goal of professional sports teams is to pick a solid, winning team, so that they can sell season tickets. Sports, after all, is a business. Teams are chosen based on ability and the positions they play.

What is Nevadas largest country in size?

nevadas largest country by size is . ----

Who where Nevadas first inhabitants?

nevadas first inhabitants where Indians from the south.

Does Rhode Island have any sports teams?

There are sport teams

Which sports franchise has 32 teams?

there are 32 teams in the NFL

How many professional sports teams are in Florida?

15 teams

Should middle schools NOT have sports teams?

they should have teams

Is there any sports teams in Alabama?

just college teams

Is Xavier a sports team?

Xavier is a university that has sports teams.