Who began the Olympics?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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The ancient Greeks.

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Q: Who began the Olympics?
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What year did the Olympics begin?

The modern Olympics began in 1896.

How did track began?

in began when in steped on the track in the olympics lol

When was swimming originated to the Olympics?

1896 was supposedly when swimming began in the Olympics!

Which country began Olympics?


When did the oylpic begin?

The Olympics began in 1896 and that is that

Where did the Olimpics begin?

The Olympics began is Olympia.

When the Olympics began?

The first modern Olympics began in 1896. Other similar events occurred leading up to the games but these were the first to be officially sanctioned by the IOC.

What time did the 2010 winter Olympics begin?

The 2010 winter Olympics began February 12th.

Which country has the most metals in the 2012 Olympics?

The modern Olympics began in 1896 so there was no Olympics in 1890.

What sports are played now but not when the Olympics began?


When did weightlifting enter the Olympics?

the mens began in 1896

In what country did the Ancient Olympics began?

In Ancient Greece.