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The 2010 winter Olympics began February 12th.

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Q: What time did the 2010 winter Olympics begin?
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What time do the winter Olympics end?

At 11:30 the 2010 Olympics ended

How many time did Canada host the winter Olympics?

The 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver will be the second time Canada has hosted the Winter Olympics. They also hosted the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary.

What time does the winter Olympics begin?

it depends on where you live it starts at the same time where i am it starts at four.

What time of the day does winter begin in December 2010?


When does the winter solstice begin for 2010?

7:38PM Central time

When was the last time the Olympics was in Canada?

1988 Calgary (Winter) 1977 Montreal (Summer) 2010 Vancouver (Winter)

What countries have first time paticipants in their sports for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Ghana, for a start.

When do the winter Olympics 2010 end?

28th of february (canadian time) 1st march (australian time)

When was the last time Canada held the Olympics?

Prior to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, that was the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary.

When was the last time the Olympics were hosted in Canada?

Prior to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics... Winter: Calgery 1988 Summer: Montreal 1976

How many times did they host the Olympics in Canada?

If you include both the winter and summer games, twice. Montreal held the Olympics in 1976 and Calgary held the Winter Olympics in 1988. Canada also hosted for a third time in 2010, with Vancouver hosting the Winter Olympics.

When did the summer and winter olympic games begin to be held seperetely?

1992 was the last year they were held the same year. 1994 was the first time the Winter Olympics were not in the same year as the Summer Olympics.

What was Evan Lysacek's time in the Olympics?

Evan Lysacek won figure skating Olympic gold at the 2010 winter Olympics. This is not a timed event

How many medals has Sidney Crosby won in the Olympics?

Just one. In the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games for Ice Hockey; which is the only time he's competed in the Olympics, as he was not an established player in the 2006 winter olympics.

What countries are participating in the winter Olympics?

103 countries have participated in the winter Olympics over time.

Was Shaun White in the 2009 Xgames?

no he is taking time off from skateborading this season to prepare for 2010 winter olympics

Where was winter Olympics held in 1954?

There were no Winter Olympics in 1954.i dont know how about you go back in time and fine out.

Japanese host of the 1998 winter Olympics?

Nagano, Japan hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics from February 7th to February 22nd.It was the second time the Winter Olympics were hosted in Japan (Sapporo hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics).

This year the winter Olympics are in Vancouver when was the last time Canada hosted the Olympics?

The last time Canada hosted the Winter Olympics was 1988 in Calgary. The one and only time Canada hosted the Summer Olympics was 1976 in Montreal.

How many games are in the winter Olympics?

There are 21 at the time.

What time do the winter Olympics start?


What time is the winter Olympics going to be on?


Which three countries made their Winter Olympic Debut in 2010?

Serbia, Cayman Islands, Pakistan, Columbia, Ghana, Montenegro, and Peru all participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time at the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

What time does winter Olympics start?

the 2010 winter Olympics will be the 12th of feb. till the 28th of will be in vancover Canada. it will be the 21st winter Olympics. this will be the third Olympics hosted in Canada. the events are:Alpine skiingBiathlonBobsleighCross-country skiingCurlingFigure skatingFreestyle skiingIce hockeyLugeNordic combinedShort track speed skatingSkeletonSki jumpingSnowboardingSpeed skatingto find out more reaserch at

When was the last time the US did not have the most medals at the Olympics?

In the 2006 winter Olympics. USA has only won the winter Olympics 2 times. Treble Slur