Who are famous netballers?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Bianca Franklin, sister of AFL's Lance Franklin played for the Melbourne kestrles in 2007 and has since returned to Western Australia to play there.

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Famous Netball players are Vicky Wilson , Irene Van Dyk , Catherine Cox , Liz Ellis , Adiene Wilson.
irene van dyk casey Williams Laura langman adine Wilson

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Liz ellis

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Q: Who are famous netballers?
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What is the collective noun for netballers?

A collective noun for netballers is fields.

Why do netballers wear a uniform?

Because it represents the country town or school you play for.

What is bad about netball?

The main problem is injury. Lots of netballers get injuries - especially in the knees.

How much do England netball players get paid?

England Netballers do not receive any pay.

What qualifications do netballers need?

Netball is a non-contact sport similar to basketball. It is usually known as a women's sport.

What is suitable footwear in netball?

Asics is a common footwear brand that most netballers wear. However there are a wide variety of shoes that are specifically designed for netball.

Who are the three silver fern netballers?

The team itself is of 10 people, with hundreds having played for them in the past. there are far more than just 3 Silver Ferns.

Why do netballers wear dresses to play a netball game?

Most netballers wear dresses but some wear a skirts and tops. The reason for the short dresses is because they're mad out of light material so not only will it keep them cool and refreshed but because they are short they can't get caught on anything and they don't catch the wind. Therefor they can run faster and not have to struggle.

What does a netball player do while not playing netball?

Apart from training and playing netball, netballers don't do anything different to what other people do. We are still normal people who go to school, study, play sport and enjoy going out with friends.

Do sport stars give to charities?

it depend on the sports star. some are snotty and keep the money, while others share. But usually it's because they don't get paid much. Some sport stars get paid lots, and others don't. Example; netballers, they only get $4000 per year!

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