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The team itself is of 10 people, with hundreds having played for them in the past. there are far more than just 3 Silver Ferns.

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Q: Who are the three silver fern netballers?
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Can a silver fern be tree fern?

yes No, the silver fern can not be a tree fern. Cythea and Alsophila are tree ferns

How did the silver fern get its name?

The fern is green on the top of the leaves, but silver on the underneath.

What famous team uses the silver fern emblem?

the silver fern netball team from nz

Maori name for silver fern?

The Maori name for the silver fern (Cyathea dealbata) is Kaponga or ponga.

Where does a silver fern grow?

the silver fern or ponga live in new zealand shane

Where did the all blacks logo come from?

Its a silver fern which appears in the New Zealand Coat of Arms. The silver tree fern or silver fern (Cyathea dealbata) is a species of medium-sized tree fern found only in New Zealand

What is the most interesting fact about the silver fern?

The silver fern can grow to more than 30 feet tall.

Is the silver fern endangered?


Why did the new zealand teams decide to put the silver fern on there uniform?

The silver fern is a native bush plant in New Zealand. The underside of the leaf is a silver colour.

What is New Zealand's largest tree fern?

The silver tree fern is New Zealand's largest tree fern.

Where is silver tree fern found?

The Silver Fern, (Ponga) is a tree fern that may be found in suitable forest areas, throughout most of New Zealand below 1000m, and north of about Dunedin.

When did Irene van Dyke become a Silver Fern?

irene van dyk become a silver fern in 2000 and she has play for the silver ferns 84 games for new zealand

Why is the silver fern a New Zealand icon?

The silver fern is a symbol of the spirit of New Zealand. It is considered a honor to wear it or place its symbol on products and services. The silver fern is found no where else but New Zealand and is part of New Zealand's cultural history.

Where is the silver fern found?

The plant, The Silver Tree Fern is endemic to New Zealand, it is used as the logo for many of their sports teams and "The Silver Ferns" is also the name for the national netball team.

What does the silver fern look like?

green on the top and silver on the bottom.

Why does the silver fern have silver on the underside?

Because its the way the plant grows!

What is the collective noun for netballers?

A collective noun for netballers is fields.

Were did the silver fern plant come from?

the silver fern comes from New Zealand it is a native to New Zealand and lots of the New Zealand sports teams use it as there symbols

How did the silver ferns get their name?

Because the silver fern is a New Zeland icon...

What is a New Zealand Mascot?

Silver Fern

What is the enblem of New Zealand?

the silver fern

What do netballers do?

play netball

What is the New Zealand mascot?

The New Zealand Mascot is the kiwi and the silver fern and that is what the mascots a called.. By Reboama And david wakaaaaa!!!! The New Zealand Mascot is the kiwi and the silver fern and that is what the mascots a called.. By Reboama And david wakaaaaa!!!! The New Zealand Mascot is the kiwi and the silver fern and that is what the mascots a called.. By Reboama And david wakaaaaa!!!!

What is the floral emblem of New Zealand?

Not a flower but a fern. The Silver fern or Ponga (Maori Name) is a tree fern growing to 10 meters in height. The fronds undersides are a silver colour. It is a common plant in NZ forests forming the understory.

What shoes do Netballers wear?

Asics is a common footwear brand that most netballers wear. However there are a wide variety of shoes that are specifically designed for netball.