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Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996.

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Q: Which year did arsenal bring arsene wenger?
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What year did arsene wenger become arsenal manager?


Which soccer coach has the longest unbeaten run?

The longest unbeaten run as a coach was by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for 42 games and over a year. undefeated.

How much does Arsene Wenger earn per year?

Too much!

Who was arsenals manager before arsne wenger?

Arsene Wenger took over from Bruce Rioch after only 1 year in charge. Prior to this it was George Graham.

How much money did thierry Henry make in his first year of soccer?

Thierry Henry may not have made much money at his first football club Monaco, nor at Juventus where he was a substitute and was unhappy in Italy. but it was Arsene Wenger who gavehim a chance at Arsenal , and he broke Ian Wrights record, before moving to Barcelona.

What is a reserve in soccer terms?

In Soccer a club has a 'Reserve Team'. A Reserve Team is a team full of players who the manager believes is not ready to play for the first team. Or when a player has been injured for a while, a manager would put him in the Reserve Team to get him back into the swing of Soccer. A Reserve Team are in a League and they play regularly. For example, Arsenal have a Reserve Team which Arsene Wenger put Aaron Ramsey in for a while as he had just returned from a year-long injury. Also, he placed Jay Emmanuel-Thomas in the Reserve Team who is 18 and Arsene Wenger didn't believe he was ready to play for the First Team.

Who was the first English football manager of the year?

As for the FA Premier league, there has not been an English Manager of the year. Five different managers have won the award: - Alex Ferguson [Scottish] - Kenny Dalglish [Scottish] - Arsene Wenger [French] - George Burley [Scottish] - Jose Mourinho [ Portuguese]

Who is FIFA coach of the year?

the F.I.F.A coach of the year is not yet out. It will be on 10/1/2011. But the nominees are out . They are Jose Morinho, Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson, Lois Van gaal, vicente del Bosquet, Pep Guardiola, Jochim Leow, Carlo Anchelotti and Bert Van Marwijk.

What year where arsenal formed?

Arsenal were formed in 1886!

In what year did arsenal have their invincible year?

in 2003-4 arsenal had their season when no one defeated them

Which year was arsenal relegated?


What year was arsenal found?


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