What year did nasri join arsenal?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Samir Nasri joined Arsenal in June 2008.

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Q: What year did nasri join arsenal?
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When did nasri join arsenal?


How much salary nasri get at arsenal?

how much money did nasri take arsenal

Samir Nasri to arsenal?


Which arsenal player scored on his debut for arsenal?

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Who is a self proclaimed ladies man at Arsenal?

It was Samir Nasri

Is Samir Nasri Arsenal's best player?

No, Mikel Arteta is

Why are Arsenal so hopeless?

The coz is lost of fabregas & nasri

Who are Muslims in arsenal?

The only Muslim on arsenal for the 2010 season is Samir Nasri who plays as a midfielder(8).

How much did arsenal pay for samir nasri?

12 mil from Marseille

Is nasri coming to arsenal?

he is a very cool person with alot of fans and he is famous

Who transferred from Arsenal to Chelsea?

Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey, Amaury Bischoff