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Yes arsenal can win the e.p.L this year.

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Q: Can Arsenal take the English premire league cup?
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When did the first league meeting of Arsenal vs Chelsea take place?

Arsenal and Chelsea are both European football teams (soccer in the United States). Their first game was in 1907. Since then they have played 179 times, with Arsenal winning the majority of them.

When does the English premier league take place?

in saturdays, sundays and mondays

What months do the English premier league take place?

till july

How much salary nasri get at arsenal?

how much money did nasri take arsenal

Who was the first Indian to take part in English Football league?

aditi chauhan

If You win the premier league and the FA cup will the community shield come to you automatically?

No - usually it's the League runners-up who take part instead (as in 2002, when double winners Arsenal played Liverpool).

What number will Podolski wear at Arsenal?

If robin van Persie is to leave arsenal he will probably take no. 10 but no. 13 and no. 30 are available

What will happen if the Muslim Extremists successfully bomb the English Defence League EDL rally in London?

If the Muslim extremists successfully bomb the English defense league EDI rally in London, the UK and its allies are likely to respond and take them out totally.

Is former arsenal player therry Henry back to arsenal?

No, however he said he will come back after he retires to help with arsenal behind the scenes, Personally i think he will take over Arsene Wenger Hope this helped :)

What was the score of Chelsea v arsenal in the world cup?

Sorry , Arsenal and Chelsea play in the E.P.L.And not in the world cup, countries and not clubs take part.

In 1787 who tried to take over a government arsenal in Massachusetts?

Daniel shays

How many games did it take Cliff Bastin to score his 100th goal for Arsenal?

It took Cliff Bastin 174 games to score his 100th goal for Arsenal.

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