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I would recommend for a high school gymnastics class: gymnist balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, balance beam, and a standard tumbling mat (standard, 4x6 should do).

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Q: Which tubling mats and equipment do I need for a high school gymnastics class?
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How do I learn gymnastics?

Take a class from an instructor who has the proper equipment and knows what he or she is doing.

Are there any good schools in Cleveland if I want my daughter to try out gymnastics?

Public schools will likely touch on the basic of gymnastics in a physical education class. A private school may have more equipment and instructors and be able to expose students to a broader experience. The best introduction to gymnastics is through a professional gym with trained instructors in that field.

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Should Gymnastics be taught at school?

From my point of view, the only class I can think of that should teach that is maybe PE.

In what city were Swedish gymnastics adopted as the basis for the school physical education curriculum?

Cairo, went over it in class today.

Where is the best gymnastics class in Paris France?

where is the best gymnastics facility in Paris, France

How can you use gymnastics in a sentence?

When it comes to gymnastics, I just like to watch! His mental gymnastics were most tiresome.

Where is a class on using Viking cooking equipment?

A culinary school is one option, the Viking Cooking School preferably. Another is to find a local cooking class in which to get involved. A third option is go YouTube the products; there are many videos on how to use the equipment.

Where can i go to learn gymnastics I live near Perth I'm 16 and have been doing acro sice i was 6 I have never worked on any of the apparatuses but I have done a fair bit of floor work?

Gymnastics class or school

Will it be 'what class' and 'which school' or 'which class' and 'what school'?

"what school and which class"

How old was Shawn Johnson when she started gymnastics?

Shawn's parent put her in a gymnastics class when she was 3 because she had so much energy and she really liked gymnastics and continued with it.

How do you get into gymnastics?

There are many gymnastics schools throughout the United States, assuming that's where you live. The process is very simple, ask your parents to help you locate a school with a great program (try asking friends at school) and you only need to register, pay tuition and begin gymnastics lessons. If you are interested in a competitive gymnastics program it will be necessary for you to start out in a recreational class to begin with and then ask the people at your local school what the process is for their particular program. There are many YMCA's that offer gymnastics lessons and often at lower prices than private gymnastics schools. Many schools offer gymnastics programs, depending on your age and grade level it may be a possibility for you to look into. Gymnastics has become very popular all over the world and I believe, but am not certain, that the process is pretty much the same. Private gymnastics schools and community organizations offer gymnastics classes. I hope you are able to find a place to start getting involved in the world's greatest sport.

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