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Gymnastics class or school

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2011-03-26 14:35:12
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Q: Where can i go to learn gymnastics I live near Perth I'm 16 and have been doing acro sice i was 6 I have never worked on any of the apparatuses but I have done a fair bit of floor work?
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What is the difference between cheerleading and gymnastics?

Cheerleading is performed with a team, gymnastics is a solo sport Cheerleaders stunt Gymnasts have a higher level of tumbling Gymnastics has four apparatuses Cheerleading is more like tumbling. Gymnastics does bars,beams,vaults,and flexibilty. Tumbling is doing backflips,cartwheels,or other stuff on the floor which cheerleading is exactly like.

Is there a science experiment for gymnastics?

In gymnastics you will need to have an experiment for gymnastics when you are doing a research

Are mcfly doing a show in Perth?

No, they have not as of yet announced any shows in Perth.

Are the people in make it or break it really doing gymnastics?

Yes, but not all of them. Carter can not do gymnastics that is why you never see him doing anything. Emily Lauren Pason and Kaylie are definitely doing gymnastics

What are 3 bad things about doing gymnastics?

Three bad things about doing gymnastics are,Risk of injuryStressPassing/concussions

What is the percentage of people doing vault in gymnastics?

the percentage of people doing the vault in gymnastics is 97 % :D hope it helps x

Where did dominique dawes start doing gymnastics?

New England Gymnastics Express in Newington.

Cinquain poems about gymnastics?

gymnastics flexible,fun doing cartwheels is fun excersice

What is the percentage of gymansts killed in gymnastics each year?

gymnasts dont usually get killed but if they were to die it would be because they over worked or had some kind of disease that could have been infected by gymnastics. but as a gymnast myself i would say that if you were going to do gymnastics dont think about how many people get killed just think about how many people have fun doing gymnastics.

"What should i do to be flexible?

By doing exercise every day and doing gymnastics

How do you get gymnast body?

by doing lots of gymnastics

What do you call a banana doing gymnastics?

a gymbanner

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