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Cairo, went over it in class today.

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2012-01-04 03:02:45
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Q: In what city were Swedish gymnastics adopted as the basis for the school physical education curriculum?
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What are some of the accomplishments of Per Henrik Ling?

Pehr Henrik Ling was known to pioneer the teaching of Physical Education and was also the developer and teacher of medical-gymnastics. He also credited as the father of Swedish massage.

What are the release dates for Swedish Gymnastics at Chautauqua No- 8 - 1903?

Swedish Gymnastics at Chautauqua No- 8 - 1903 was released on: USA: February 1903

When was Swedish Association for Sexuality Education created?

Swedish Association for Sexuality Education was created in 1933.

Who is the father of physiotherapy?

Per Henrik Ling, "Father of Swedish Gymnastics,"

Who systematized and developed Swedish massage techniques?

1776-1839- Pehr Henrick Ling, Swedish physiologist who helped develop physical therapy and Swedish massages and is known as the grandfather of Swedish massages and Physical therapy.

Nationalism was the common idea that gave rise to both the German and Swedish gymnastics systems?


What has the author David Wark written?

David Wark has written: 'The Practical home doctor for women' -- subject(s): Women, Health and hygiene, Diseases 'Prevention and cure of consumption by the Swedish-movement cure' -- subject(s): Swedish gymnastics, Gymnastics, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis

Who should not have Swedish massage?

Swedish massage should not be given to patients with the following physical disorders or conditions:

What has the author Mary Victoria Lace written?

Mary Victoria Lace has written: 'Massage and medical gymnastics' -- subject(s): Massage, Medical Gymnastics 'A text book of swedish remedial exercises'

What has the author Johannes Lindhard written?

Johannes Lindhard has written: 'The theory of gymnastics' -- subject(s): Swedish gymnastics 'Contributions to the physiology of respiration under the arctic climate' -- subject(s): Climate, Respiration

What has the author L L Despard written?

L. L. Despard has written: 'Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics' -- subject(s): Exercise therapy, Massage, Swedish gymnastics 'Text-book of massage'

What has the author Leon Boucher written?

Leon Boucher has written: 'Tradition and change in Swedish education' -- subject(s): Education

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