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The best AFL team would be either the team/s which has/have won the most premierships, or if one is meaning in current terms, then the best team is that which most recently won the premiership.

Carlton and Essendon have won the most Premierships at 16 each, but Collingwood has played in the most grand finals - at 42 and lags just behind them at 15 premierships.

Geelong, however, has won the most recent, 2011, premiership - and in fact, three of the last five premierships, and would have to qualify for current title as "the best team in the AFL".

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Q: Which team is the best team in AFL?
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Yes, it is the best team in history

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no wayy!!!!!!!

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yes they are

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No way! Essendon and Hawthorn are beter.

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no ... The most successful AFL teams are Essendon and Carlton, each with 16 Premierships

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships?

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships

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The Fremantle Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.

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Who is the best team and the best player in the afl?


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the next team (as of 2009)to enter the AFL will be Gold Coast and later West Sydney.Before them the youngest AFL team is Fremantle

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The last-placed AFL team 'receives' a wooden spoon.

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The youngest AFL team in 2014 is the Western Bulldogs who have an average age of 23.

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The Melbourne AFL team is known as the Demons.

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1997 is the year the best team in the world was introduced to theAFL

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