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I would say probley N.J.I.T. New Jersey Tech

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Q: Which team is ranked last in college basketball?
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What team is currently ranked number 16 in mens college basketball?

Michigan is ranked 16

What team is ranked number one NCAA men's basketball?

In the NCAA men's college basketball rankings, Duke University is ranked first.

What team is currently ranked number 1 in mens college basketball?

The Tenneesee Volunteers are ranked number 1

What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

What team is currently ranked number 2 in mens college basketball?

Michigan state is currently ranked number 2

Which college basketball team is highest ranking team to fall out of top 25?

This year is the Kentucky Wildcats who were ranked number 3 and now are not ranked in the top 25.

What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed

What men's college basketball team began and ended season ranked?

Lots of teams have done this.

How many times has a college basketball team beat the same number one ranked team in the same season?


When was the last time a number 1 ranked team won the ncaa basketball tournament?


What are the Maryland basketball teams?

The University of Maryland Terrapins are Maryland's only NCAA basketball team. The Terrapins are a men's college level basketball team, and are currently ranked among the top 25 teams nationwide.

When was the University of Kentucky basketball team last ranked in the Top 25?

we are currently ranked #2 with a 17-0 record in our 2009-2010 season.

When was the last time Temple's basketball team went to the NCAA tournament?

Last year. They were ranked a 5 seed and lost to Cornell a 12.

What team one the last college basketball championship?

North Carolina

What college was the last to racially integrate it's basketball team?


When was the last Indiana Hoosier college basketball team to go undefeated?


When was the last time a ncaa basketball team was ranked 2 lost and still jumped to 1?

University of Virginia basketball team lost at home and still moved to the number 1 ranking, has that ever happened before?

What determines which college team is visiting team in national championship?

higher ranked team is home; lower ranked team is away.

What is the Salary of a coach?

The salary of a coach for a college basketball team will vary depending on the particular school. Mike Krzyzewski of Duke is ranked as the highest paid college coach with a salary of $7,233,976 as of 2013.

What is the name of the college basketball team that won the men division last year?

Uconn Huskies

Who has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky has the most wins in college basketball. because last year Kentucky was the first team to wins over 2000 basketball games in college basketball and are still adding on more wins as the years go on. not Louisville, not UNC, not even Duke.

Has any college basketball team that was ranked 64th ever upset the team ranked number 1 in the NCAA tournament?

16 seeded Harvard defeated 1 seed Stanford in the 1998 women's NCAA tournament. That is the only victory by a 16 seed in either the men's or women's tournament.

When was the last time Indiana was ranked in basketball?

The last time the Indiana Men's Basketball team was ranked in the AP Top 25 was week 17 of the 2007-08 season when the Hoosiers were No. 18. When was the last time Indiana was ranked in the top 10 in the AP poll? Same season. Five different weeks. The Hoosiers were ranked as high as No. 7 in Week 11. How about top 5? For that, you have to go back to the 1992-93 season when Indiana was No. 1 in week 17. Go Hoosiers!

What college basketball team is coached by CV Stringer?

Rutgers' basketball team

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever