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Q: What team one the last college basketball championship?
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What team in NCAA championship in college basketball team?


Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had most losses and won the NCAA championship?

What college basketball team has the most losses?

Which college basketball team has the most championship wins?


What college basketball team has gone to the ncaa championship the most?

The Kentucky Wildcats.

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

When was the last time a big ten team won the national championship?

The last time a B1G team won the championship was in basketball in 2000 by the Michigan State Spartans.

When is the last time Indiana Hoosiers mens basketball team made it to the NCAA championship?

The last time the Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball team went to the NCAA Championship game was in 2002, where they lost to Maryland by a score of 64-52.

What college basketball team has the 2 most NCAA championship?

11-U.C.L.A. 8-Kentucky

Who are the college basketball teams with the most championships?

the team with the most national championship is ucla with 12

Which team won championship with the most lost ncaa men college basketball?

Indiana 1981

What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed

What team in college basketball team is second in NCAA championship?

University of Kentucky with 8 championships behind UCLA with 11.

Who was the last all white team to win the men's NCAA basketball championship?


Which college basketball team has the most National Championship wins?

UCLA won 11 National Titles.

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had the most consecutive NCAA championship appearances?

UCLA with 13!

What NCAA Division 1 Men's basketball team won the last national championship?


What college was the last to racially integrate it's basketball team?


Who was the last all white national championship college baseball team?


Who has more NCAA basketball championships Kansas or Kentucky?

In men's basketball, Kentucky has more NCAA basketball championships. Kansas' men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship three times while Kentucky's men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship eight times. In women's basketball, neither team has a championship.

What college basketball team was number 1 in 2010?

Duke won the men's NCAA National Championship in 2010

When was the last Indiana Hoosier college basketball team to go undefeated?


Who is the college basketball champion team?

The Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 NCAA Championship in Men's Basketball over the Butler Bulldogs 61-59

Was barack obama a good basketball player?

He was the 6th or 7th man on a championship high school team in a state not noted for its quality of high school basketball. He did not play college basketball.

What mens college basketball team won the 2009 championship?

The North Carolina Tar Heels did, defeating the Michigan State Spartans.

When did the Chicago Bulls win their last championship?

The Chicago Bulls NBA basketball team won their last championship in 1998. They actually won the championship six time in the 1990s. Full statistics of the games can be found on the Chicago Bulls website.

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