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Q: Which team did roger clemens play for when he had 2 separate games with 20 strikeouts?
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How many career strikeouts does Roger Clemens have?

Through September 21, Clemens has 4672 career strikeouts

What is the record for strikeouts in one game?

21 roger clemens

Who has the second most strikeouts in baseball?

Roger Clemens, 4672 career strikeouts, only second to Nolan Ryan

What is the record of strikeouts in a single game?

The record for strikeouts in a game was set by roger clemens at the time on the Boston redsox with 21 k's in a game which is pretty amazing.

What is nolan ryan's record for strikeouts in a nine inning game?

Nolan Ryan does not hold the record for strikeouts in a game. Roger Clemens and Kerry Wood are tied for the record with 20.

How many strikeouts did roger maris?

Roger Maris had 733 career strikeouts.

What pitcher has the most strikeout in one game?

Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson all had 20 strikeouts in one game

What pitcher holds the Toronto blue jays record for most strikeouts?

Career: 1658 by Dave Stieb from 1979-1992 and 1998. Season: 292 by Roger Clemens in 1997. Game: 18 by Roger Clemens on August 25, 1998 against the Royals.

What pitcher holds the most strikeouts in a single game?

Kerry wood and Roger Clemens both struck out 20 in a single game which is currently the record

What is roger clemens birth name?

Clemens' birth name is William Roger Clemens.

Who is the only pitcher to have 600 strikeouts with two teams?

Many pitchers have more than 600 strikeouts with two teams, including Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, and Nolan Ryan.

Who is second to Nolan Ryan in the list of most career strikeouts?

As of March 1, 2008, Roger Clemens is 2nd on the all-time list for career stikeouts with 4,672. Randy Johnson is close behind with 4,616 strikeouts.

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