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lion fighting fighting each other

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Q: Which sports where in ancient Olympics but are no longer in the modern Olympics?
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What sports did they have in the first modern Olympics?

The same as they had in the ancient olympics

What are the sports in the modern Olympics that weren't in the Ancient Olympics?

high jump

What are the same about the ancient and modern Olympics?

Women are now allowed to compete and there is a Marathon and there is winter Olympics and many more sports and no going naked. Ancient Olympic and Modern Olympic has a lots of events.

How did the ancient olympic games stop?

The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

Were there were many team sports in the ancient Olympics?


Where did ancient Greece play sports?


How are the ancient Greeks Olympics different form the modern Olympics of today?

Many of the sports that are in today weren`t included and some were eliminated today like pankration for example.

What kind of sports or events did they do in Ancient Olympics?


How has the ancient Olympics influnced the modern Olympics?

The Greek Olympics were similar to our modern Olympics in the sense that people belonging to every nationality would have the chance to come togethor for a short period of time and take part in a little friendly competition. It was meant to show to all Greeks that through their mutual appreciation of athleticism, they were culturally unified. In a way it was a diplomatic gesture the same way it is today, because it showed that very distinct groups of people could find one thing in common which they could all hold respect for.

When was sport begein?

Sports have been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations had sports. The Olympics comes from Ancient Greece.

How are your Olympics and the ancient Greeks similar?

They both involve sports

Original summer sports that were represented in the 1896 Olympics first modern Olympics?

its cool