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high jump

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Q: What are the sports in the modern Olympics that weren't in the Ancient Olympics?
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How many people watched the ancient Olympics?

Around 7500 med watched the olympics. Women werent allowed to watch as the men were naked!

Did the ancient Greece do the Olympics because it was healthy for the men?

No it wasnt because they wanted to be healthy or olympics was healthy it was because women werent llowed to participate back in time when olympics was first a world heritage.

Were men or women more powerful in the Ancient Athens?

Men- the women werent aloud to participate in the olympics, they were practically the mens slaves.

How was ancient China organized?

They werent

Why did sports still play during world war 2?

because they werent affected were they were playing weither or not the were like the olympics oplayed juring the world war 2

How were the artisans treated in ancient Egypt?

They werent treated as well as they should be treated and they werent respected as much either.

How were direct democracy and education related in ancient Athens?

they werent

How were men and womans clothing different in ancient Greece?

they werent very different

What were the old Olympics like?

They werent very nice, they had to be in the nude and didnt get a chance to say if they wanted to be in te Olympics of notlol love you guys x

What would happen if there were no Olympics?

If there werent O.G. maybe the people that luv sports would maybe dont luv them that much coz maybe that people may be in luv with luv. JAZMIN AND KATJA IN LUV FOR EVA If there werent O.G. maybe the people that luv sports would maybe dont luv them that much coz maybe that people may be in luv with luv. JAZMIN AND KATJA IN LUV FOR EVA

Why werent the 1962 Olympics held?

At the time the winter Olympics were held the same year as the summer Olympics; 1960; 1964; 1968 and on. No games in 1962 except the soccer world cup held in Chile, i believe.

What sports were there in the 60's?

the same as there is now because if u think about it the 60's werent that long ago

What were poor houses like in 1901 Australia?

i um not sure but they probably werent as strog as these recent modern houses

How did the colonial militias differ from the modern US Army?

because they didnt have has many gun and they werent traain porperly

What rights did women in ancient egypt have?

they usally had to do work the same as today but werent allowed to be a warrior. Nor leave their contry.

Why didnt the ancient Chinese trade with outsiders?

they traded with only chinese people beacause the outsiders werent good enough for them.

Are old sports easier than new sports?

yes, old sports didnt have as much presure as sports today because they werent on T.v, they didint have to worry much about losing their job and new equipment makes opponets better and stronger. does that answer your question bud?

Why werent women allowed to compete when the Olympics first started?

The ancient era Olympics were held from 776BC to 396BC. At that time, only free men who spoke Greek could compete. Nations or city-states who were at war competed under peace treaties that lasted for the length of the Games. It would have been unheard of women to compete than, since women were entrusted with the worship of the household Gods, a task far more important than sport. Back then women did not do those sorts of things. They were expected to be take care of their children if they were mothers, sew, cook, and clean. Actually, they weren't even allowed to watch the Olympics. Today it would be called sexism, but back then sports were just not something that women did. The Modern Era Olympics began in 1896, and women began competing officially in 1900 and became virtually even with the men by 1936.

Why was ancient roman entertainment free?

They werent money hungry like corperate America and believed everyone should see the arts.

What clothes did high class wear in ancient Rome?

Togas, Purple if u were minted, white if you werent so minted this is a generalization search engine it

Why did ponyboy think that his world and cherry's werent so different?

because the socs werent so rich

What did ancient Egyptian unskilled workers do?

unskilled workers were to, at the time, build the the great pyramid because eventhough they had slaves they werent enough so the king forced them into it as well :)

Where the Loyalist nice to slaves?

no they werent

Why did the oysters starve?

they werent fed

Why were millers so unpopular?

they werent