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The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

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Q: How did the ancient olympic games stop?
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When did the Olympic games stop?

The Christian emperor Theodosius I ordered an end to the ancient Olympic games in 393.

Who invented the ancient Olympic games?

The ancient olympic games originated in ancient Greece.

Did the ancient greeks stop war and fighting to hold the olympic games?


Why did they stop the ancient olympic games?

The Olympic Games were stopped because of the Roman Emperor Theodosius. He abolished them along with all 'pagen cults'.

Why wasn't the Olympic games in the ancient Olympics?

it was in ancient olympic

What women was aloud in the real ancient Olympics the ancient olympic games?

No, there was only olympic games for men in ancient olympic history

Ancient greek Olympic stadium?

The ancient Greeks did different games to our Olympic games

Did the olympic games start in ancient Egypt?

No, the olympic games started in Ancient Greece

What do the olympic games stand for?

The Olympic games stand for a worldwide meaning, equality, fraternity, peacefulness. War would stop in ancient Olympic games, thats how much it mean s to everyone

What is the ancient olympic event?

The Olympic Games.

Who was not allowed to attend the ancient olympic games and why?

Women were not allowed to attend the ancient Olympic games.....

Who were the ancient Olympic games dedicated to?

The Ancient Olympic Games were dedicated to Zeus, the God of Gods.

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games?


When and why did the Ancient Olympic Games stop?

It was stopped in 393 AD because of Christianity by Theodus the 1st.

Which events are in the modern Olympic Games that were not in the ancient Olympic Games?

The answer is. . . POO!

Were women women allowed at the ancient olympic games?

Women were not allowed to compete in ancient Olympic games.

Who lit the flame in the ancient Olympic Games?

The Sun's Rays lit the Flame in the Ancient Olympic Games!

Were women permitted to attend ancient olympic games?

women were not permitted to attend the ancient olympic games

What is the ancient Olympic event called?

The Olympic Games.

Who were not allowed to watch the Olympic Games in ancient Greece?

Women were not permitted to watch the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Why were the Olympic games held in ancient?

the olympic games were held for the God Zues.

Who created the Ancient Olympic games?

The ancient greeks

Were woman in the ancient olympic games?


Were the ancient olympic games equal?


Did ancient Egypt have Olympic games?