Which sports needs more energy among football and tennis?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Which sports needs more energy among football and tennis?
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Who are the California Golden Bears?

California Golden Bears refers to the sports teams of the University of California. The Bears include baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer and tennis teams among others.

What sports were acceptable for women in the 1920's?

Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball & croquet among others.

What were some popular sports in the 1920s?

Some of the sports back in the 1920's were basketball, golf, hockey etc In Australia, some popular sports activities at the time were Australian football in the southern states, cricket, tennis, croquet among older women and field hockey in Western Australia

Among the most typical English sports what has been in existence since the 16th century?

Tennis. Henry VIII played tennis. It was different to the version played today, but it was tennis.

What are the top sports in American high schools?

Depending on the Area (East, West ,etc.) different sports are more popular than others. In general Football is always the most popular sport in high school. Then Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Tennis, and even Volleyball are among the top sports.

What sports are available on ESPN classic?

ESPN covers many sports, including both women's and men's professional basketball, hockey, the national football league and college football, NASCAR, major league baseball, and golf. The cable station also covers several lesser-knows sports such as rugby, college volleyball, poker, lacrosse, and cricket.

What sport does Peru play?

Peruvians play many sports, but of course one of their most popular sports is soccer (fútbol). Volleyball is also popular, especially among women.For more Peruvian sports, see the related link below.

What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?

Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

What sports does CoachT's website mention?

There are many sports that are mentioned on CoachT's website. These include baseball, soccer, softball, tennis, lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, swimming among others.

Did women play the sport in the victorian era?

Middle class women in the victorian era played lawn tennis and it was popular. Women didnt usually play sport in era, especially if they were'nt in the middle class, only men played sports. Men played mob football and then different sports throughout the years. women gradually started to play sports around the 1900s.