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Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

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Q: What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?
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Where is hockey and soccer played?


What sports are played in Central America?

hockey lots of hockey and soccer are played in central America

What famous sports are played in Denmark?

They play Hockey and Soccer

What sport is the hat trick played in?

The hattrick can be recorded in two sports. Hockey and Soccer. In hockey, it is when you score three goals, and in soccer it is when you score three goals.

Sports played in Canada?

Hockey,Baseball,Basketball,Soccer and Football

What sports are played in Austraia?

cricket,soccer or footballl, golf and hockey

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i think that basketball, hockey, cricket, golf, and soccer are played in liberia!

What did the Inca play?

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What is the difference between soccer and hockey?

Soccer is played on a field, using your feet, kicking a large ball. Hockey (Ice), is played on an ice rink, using a stick held in your hands, hitting a small, rubber puck. Soccer is played with 11 men. Hockey is played with 5. In soccer, you only get up to 3 subs. In hockey, you change up the players about every 30 seconds. In soccer, when you get a penalty, the other team gets a free kick, and the player who committed the foul could get a yellow card, or a red card (Which ejects you from the match). In hockey, a player who commits a penalty is placed in the penalty box, out of play for a certain period of time (Usually for 2 minutes, but sometimes for 4 or 5, depending on the level of foul). In soccer, a game is referred to as a match. In hockey, it is referred to as a game. In soccer, the field is referred to as a pitch. In hockey, it is referred to as a rink.

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