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Middle class women in the victorian era played lawn tennis and it was popular. Women didnt usually play sport in era, especially if they were'nt in the middle class, only men played sports. Men played mob football and then different sports throughout the years. women gradually started to play sports around the 1900s.

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During the Victorian era, lawn tennis, croquet, and game and fox hunting were all popular sports among upper-class women.

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Q: Did women play the sport in the victorian era?
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Was football a sport played during the Victorian era?


What sport was invented in Victoria?

Cricket was the most popular sport in the victorian era.

What were some differences of victorian era men and women?

The differences between men and women in the Victorian era were many. Women were stereotyped into belonging in the domestic field to provide for their husbands. Women during this era did have suffrage rights, the right to sue or the right to own property.

How important was marriage for women in Victorian times?

Marriage was important for women during the Victorian era, as if they never got married they would be owned by their father

What sports did women play in 1940s?

Womenhad a very little role in sports in this era of time but women did do cheerleading at this time(:

Were women in the Victorian era allowed to express their love with poems?

yes yes

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Victorian era children did play 'Pin the Tail On the Donkey'. Charles Zimmerling released a game called 'Donkey Party' in the 1800's.

What three things did young women die from in the Victorian era?

they died from to much sex

What was the era before the Victorian era?

There were a number of eras that were between the Tudor era and the Victorian era. The era were in the following order after the Tudor era came Stuart era and then the Georgian era which was followed by the Victorian era.

What name was given to a serial killer who attacked women in Victorian-era London?

Jack The Ripper.

What age did women get married in victorian era?

During the Victorian ear women got married between the ages of 18 and 23. It was important during this time to marry within one's class.

Was the Victorian times before edwardian times?

Yes, The Victorian era was 1837-1901 and the Edwardian era was 1901-1910 Because the Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria, and the Edwardian after her son who came to the throne on her death