Which sport has the best all around athletes?

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Q: Which sport has the best all around athletes?
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Who can benefit from interval training?

All athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they compete

What is the best olympic sport?

Weightlifting. No where else can you see 1500 Watts of pure power. Scientists determined that weightlifters are the best all around athletes, since jumping and sprinting are directly related to these powerful movements.

Who endorse Nike?

Athletes from all sport endorse Mikes :)

Which American sport has the most spanish athletes?

soccer because we have people playing from all around the world... and there are alot of spanish countries

What inspires athletes to do their best?

Usually athletes may have a role-model which makes them do there best. The role model may be a celebrity athlete or just a parent. I think most athletes generally love sport. A relative of mine is a professinal athlete she loves all sports and shes quite young. If you want to be a good athlete, you don't need an inspiration. Just try and get fit and do whatever sport your best at and you will succeed.

Who are the judges in the Beijing Olympics?

The judges are as diverse, and skilled, as the athletes in the Olympics. They are internationally accredited and trained judges/officials in their specific sport that come from all over the world to have a mixture of the best officials, just as there is a mixture of the best athletes from all over the world.

How many pro athletes are still in sport training camps?

All of them.

How technology has influenced sport training?

It has helped to increased rehabilitation time, and it has mad athletes stronger, faster and just all around better.

What are the benfits of resistance training?

all athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they complete

Are there any famous athletes associated with Jai Alai?

Francisco Churruca is considered to be the best Jai-Alai player in all of the world. He is referred to as the Michael Jordan of the sport.

Where did all the athletes come from?

countys all around the globe.

Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

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