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Q: Which sport has the best all around athletes?
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Who can benefit from interval training?

All athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they compete

Who endorse Nike?

Athletes from all sport endorse Mikes :)

What is the best olympic sport?

Weightlifting. No where else can you see 1500 Watts of pure power. Scientists determined that weightlifters are the best all around athletes, since jumping and sprinting are directly related to these powerful movements.

Which American sport has the most spanish athletes?

soccer because we have people playing from all around the world... and there are alot of spanish countries

How many pro athletes are still in sport training camps?

All of them.

Who are the judges in the Beijing Olympics?

The judges are as diverse, and skilled, as the athletes in the Olympics. They are internationally accredited and trained judges/officials in their specific sport that come from all over the world to have a mixture of the best officials, just as there is a mixture of the best athletes from all over the world.

How technology has influenced sport training?

It has helped to increased rehabilitation time, and it has mad athletes stronger, faster and just all around better.

What are the benfits of resistance training?

all athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they complete

What inspires athletes to do their best?

Usually athletes may have a role-model which makes them do there best. The role model may be a celebrity athlete or just a parent. I think most athletes generally love sport. A relative of mine is a professinal athlete she loves all sports and shes quite young. If you want to be a good athlete, you don't need an inspiration. Just try and get fit and do whatever sport your best at and you will succeed.

Where did all the athletes come from?

countys all around the globe.

Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

Are there any famous athletes associated with Jai Alai?

Francisco Churruca is considered to be the best Jai-Alai player in all of the world. He is referred to as the Michael Jordan of the sport.

How many athletes in the Olympics all together?

There are around 1400 athletes and 205 Olympic teams.

One in how many athletes go pro?

Depending on what sport you are talking about, it all varies but usually 1 in 1,000 athletes become professional if not 1 in 1,0000

What sport is associated with Lennox Lewis?

The sport that is associated with Lennox Lewis would be the great and famous sport of professional boxing. Boxing has housed some of the greatest athletes of all time!

If you combined all professional athletes what would be the average salary?

My question is,"If you took all professional athletes in every sport and combined their salaries, not bonuses, just salaries, and averaged them out for each athlete what would it be?

Why do they have the Olympics?

We have the Olympics so that athletes from all the world can come to compete in the sport they love (and hopefully win a medal:)

What country has the best soccer systems?

defenitly turkey, but all around europe soccer is a VERY famous sport

What is the total percentage of all professional athletes are black in the U.S.?

The NBA consist of nearly 80% Black athletes. The NFL about 67-70% Black. other sports like Golf is dominated by White athletes. Professional Baseball has about 10% Black athletes the rest is split between White & Hispanic athletes. Hockey is almost unanimously White but minority athletes are slowly entering this sport. Its difficult to gauge the total percentage of all professional athletes who are Black as it varies from sport to sport. For example swimming sports are excelled by Whites while sprinting & long distance running is led by Blacks. Which invariable has to do with genetically difference such as density of bones & muscles fibers.

Is soccer the best sport in the world?

Whether it is the best sport is a matter of opinion, but it is indeed the most popular and most celebrated sport on the planet as a whole.

What are all nations supposed to do during the Olympics?

They are supposed to cheer for their athletes and enjoy the games. Unite the world through sport.

What does it mean to be all American athlete?

It means that you are the best of the best in your sport!

Why baseball is an aweosome?

Because baseball is the best sport of all time and it is the American Sport!

What is the best sport team?

That is all a matter of opinion.

What was the best sport in the Olympics?

That's all opinion.