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Q: Which premiership player went 450 appearances without a yellow card?
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What player has the most yellow cards in premiership?


Which player has the most yellow cards and is still playing in the premiership?

Craig bellamy

How much is the fine for a yellow card in the premiership?


What are two ways besides getting two yellows that a player would get a red card in soccer?

A player can get 2 yellow cards which = a red card and also get a straight red card. Also a player can get a yellow card but then without getting a 2nd yellow card the player can recieve a straight rad card

How many yellow cards accumulated in the blue square premiership before suspension?

2 yellows=1 red and that means you get out

What colours can the players be shown during a match?

Yellow and red. Yellow cards are cautions, and if a player gets two in one match, the player is shown a red card. The red card automatically and permanently ejects the player from the match. A red card can be awarded without the referee ever showing a yellow if the foul is severe enough.

What player got the most red or yellow cards in the premiership 2007-2008?

Nicky Butt had the most yellow cards last season with 13.Richard Dunne, Sulley Ali Muntari and Ryan Nelsen got the most red cards with 2 each.Reference : Opta Premier League Statistics 2007 - 2008.

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