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A player can get 2 yellow cards which = a red card and also get a straight red card. Also a player can get a yellow card but then without getting a 2nd yellow card the player can recieve a straight rad card

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Q: What are two ways besides getting two yellows that a player would get a red card in soccer?
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What card does a player get if he or she fouls in soccer?

it depends of the severity of the foul, could be a red or yellow. 2 yellows equals a red - sending off!

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If a soccer player is kicked out of a game what card does the referee hold up?

A yellow card is a warning, two yellows make a red, a player is sent off when shown a red card. They can also get a straight red for a serious offence.

What are the penalties when a player gets a yellow or red card in soccer?

If you get two yellows in one match, you are sent off. If you get a red in a match, you are also sent off, and are likely to have a 1-2 match ban.

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