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Nicky Butt had the most yellow cards last season with 13.

Richard Dunne, Sulley Ali Muntari and Ryan Nelsen got the most red cards with 2 each.

Reference : Opta Premier League Statistics 2007 - 2008.

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Q: What player got the most red or yellow cards in the premiership 2007-2008?
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What player has the most yellow cards in premiership?


Which player has the most yellow cards and is still playing in the premiership?

Craig bellamy

How many yellow cards has shunsuke nakamura?

there is a number of player with these yellow cards one player onece receved 17 yellow cards in 15 games the same happend in America a player there reseved 4 red cards due his yellow cards this resulted in him quiting saying the sport is umfair

What Manchester united player has received the most red cards in the premiership history?

Paul Scholes

How many yellow cards accumulated in the blue square premiership before suspension?

2 yellows=1 red and that means you get out

When receiving a suspension for 5 yellow cards does the player go back to zero or is there additional suspension for each subsequent yellow after 5?

After 5 yellow cards player will be suspended for one game, after next five yellow cards (10) player will be suspended for 2 games and so on

Which EPL player holds the record for most yellow cards?

Lee Bowyer, 98 yellow cards as of January 2011.

When were red and yellow cards used?

A yellow card is used to warn a player, a red card sends a player off the pitch for the rest of the match. Two yellow cards equal a red card

How many yellow cards before the player is suspended?

2 yellow cards=1 red card=1 match ban

What are Yellow and red cards in soccer?

Yellow and red cards are shown as a signal when a player or substitute commits misconduct before, during, or after a match.

What player has received the most red cards in the premiership history?

Duncan 'Big Dunc' Ferguson & Patrick Vieira; both share a record of 8 red cards.

How much do football players get fined for yellow cards in the world cup?

They are not fined for penalties or yellow cards, as long as no serious injury to the other player has occured.

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