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A Baseball bat is bigger and heavier .

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Q: Which is heavier a baseball bat or a Fielder's glove?
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How much is a baseball glove and a wood bat?

Depends on what type/brand of bat/glove you want.

What can you do with a baseball without a bat and glove?

hold it

What are facts about a baseball?

You need a glove, a bat, and bases.

What is the equipment for a baseball player?

a bat a helmet a glove and a ball

The three items that are used in baseball?

A ball a bat and a glove

Does fielders choice count as an at bat?


What equipment is needed for baseball?

You need the basic stuff for baseball. I suggest the you get a bat, a baseball, and a glove.

What is the difference from a baseball bat and a softball bat?

I guess they are more heavier than softball bats

Does a batter who hits into a fielders choice and has an rbi get credited with an at bat or is it scored like a sacrifice?

Yes, the batter is credited with an at-bat and scored as a fielders choice.

Can a fielders choice count as time at bat?


What do you need for baseball?

If you are talking bout yourself, then a bat, batting gloves, a glove oh, and a baseball.

What will hit a baseball further a light bat or a heavy bat?

A rotational hitter will hit a baseball harder with a heavier bat. This is because if they have enough bat speed, it will have a greater force pushing the baseball the other way.

What you need for baseball?

First a Glove then a Bat and a Ball And a team of two or more

What rules are similar in baseball and softball?

That you have to use a bat and glove to be able to play.

How does a fielders choice effect batting average?

It does not count as an at bat

What is the equipment of baseball?

Equipment needed to play baseball: baseball baseball bat baseball glove home plate three bases

What equipment do baseball players use?

baseball players need a ball, bat , socks, shoes, glove

Which will hit the ball farther - a heavy or light baseball bat?

In general, a heavier bat will hit a ball further than a lighter bat. It all depends on the speed of the bat. There is more torque in heavier bat swung at the same speed as a lighter one.

Is a wood bat heavier than a metle bat?

Yes, a wooden bat is heavier than a metal (aluminum) bat.

Does a fielders choice count as an at-bat?

If scored as a Fielders Choice it will go down as 0-1 (an AB with no hit) -- tigersy2k3

Does the mass of a baseball bat react to the distance the baseball travels?

yes, because the heavier the bat is, the more weight you swing behind the ball and the further the baseball travels

Equipment for baseball?

There are not many pieces of equipment that are needed to play baseball such as a glove. You will also need a bat to play baseball.

Is a bunt ever scored as a fielders choice and counted as a at bat?


Does a fielders choice count against your batting average?

yes it's an at bat

What do you need to become a baseball player?

well all you'll need is a bat ball and glove and practice