Which is better the CF4 or the CF5?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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I would say the CF5 because it more new, but either way they are both very good bats.

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Q: Which is better the CF4 or the CF5?
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Is a cf4 better than a cf5 for little league?

CF4 is better because it was made before the BBCOR came out. It will go an extra 50 feet

What is the difference between a cf4 and a cf5?

good and bad

Is a demarini cf5 comin out?

hopefully the demarini CF5 is definitely in consideration in the company. They wouldn't make a CF4 if the CF3 wasn't good, right? So since the CF4 is great, they will definitely make a CF5! Here it is a video review of the Demarini CF5 bat

Which is better the easton stealth speed or the cf5?

cf5 because i have the easton speed and it has no pop

What is a better bat cf4 or the new stealth?


Which is the better baseball bat the Triton or the cf4?

the cf4 is the better bat it has great pop

Is the DeMarini CF4 better than the 2010 exo?

the cf4

Is the nike bat better than the cf4?

they r both good bats, but the cf4 is better.

Is the demarini better than than the cf5?

Demarini is a brand of bats and CF5 is one of there newest composite bats.

Is the 2011 vendetta c6 better than the cf4?

No I have tried both and I like the cf4 better I think the ball flys off better

What is the better bat cf3 or the cf4?

It is a matter of choice.

Is the 2012 voodoo better than the 2012 cf5?

Yes! it is much more balanced in my opinion and has a more heavy feel than the cf5 that also makes the bat feel very smooth!